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Alpha Facilities Management Solutions is dedicated to meeting the Facility Management and Maintenance needs of organizations and individuals. To achieve this, our company offers the following: ​


Are you struggling to find the time and/or personnel to create or update your Facilities Program/Plan? Our team has years of experience drafting plans and can work with you to provide a new or updated program/plan that will pass your internal and external audit and meet your divisional goals.


One of the challenges that we face as Facility Managers is accurate cost projections for CapX and operating needs. Accurate cost projections are critical for successful Capital projects, as well as preventing a shortfall in your annual Operations budget. Let Alpha FMS assist you for your third-party Independent Cost Estimates (ICE).


When you are working with the alphabet agencies, you could face hefty fines should you fail your compliance inspection/audit. Alpha FMS has decades of experience with SWPP, SPCC, IAQ, Fuel (diesel, gasoline, CNG), Systems, as well as potable water, waste, HAZMAT, Fire Suppression, and many other areas. We have the team to meet your expectations/needs.


When you require Project Management services, Alpha FMS is your answer. Our team and associates have over a century of experience in project management and associated areas. We can assist as you: conceptualize, assemble the correct team, develop a project scope, comply with budget requirements, perform QA/QC services, closeout, etc.


We all know that as a Facility Manager we have too much to do and too little time to do it. That's where Alpha FMS comes in, as we will provide you with affordable R&D consultations for your facility needs. We will help guide you to achieve the proficiencies necessary to meet your organization's mission and strategic goals. 


Alpha FMS can assist you with your Property Management challenges. Whether you have a large or small portfolio, allow us to partner with you for best practices and identification of the proper resourcing to meet your goals.


When you need someone at the table during facility planning, consider Alpha FMS to bridge the gap for you. Many times, organizations will repurpose space as opposed to building new and there needs to be a professional FM at the table to ensure that on-going maintenance needs are considered, as well as alternate solutions. These solutions may reduce future costs while also considering the human element requirements for a safe and effective working environment. 

Facility / Building Optimization  (Sustainability)

Whether you are looking to digitize or transform your business to become more energy efficient, allow Alpha FMS to assist you. You need to be known as innovative and experienced in more than making "Green choices". Choose Alpha FMS so that you are known as a frugal manager who is always looking out for the corporation's "bottom line."

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